Yes, through our Auction Archive.
When you are logged in, navigate to the auction, and select "My Watched Lots" under "View Only" in the search area. You can also select "My Bids" in the search area to view only the lots you have bid on.
If you hold a resale certificate within the United States, we require a New York ST-120 form to be filled out and submitted with a copy of your license to auction@ackerwines.com.
We offer temperature controlled container services departing New York 4-6 times each year. The all-in delivered cost to our warehouse is only $5 per liter, fully insured.
Please email auction@ackerwines.com
In a web auction, once you have logged in and are approved to bid, you can view the current bid amount on any lot. If "Minimum Bid" is shown, that indicates no bids have been placed on the lot yet. "Current Bid" will display if a bid has already been placed, and you can bid the next bidding increment by clicking "Place A Bid".
Log into the desired auction and raise your bid using the "PLACE A BID" button.
To delete a bid, contact our Bidder Department auction@ackerwines.com for assistance.
Once logged in, every auction that is open for bidding can be accessed via our Auctions page. If a live auction is in progress, you may watch, listen, and bid live from the website or mobile apps. For questions, email auction@ackerwines.com.
Bidding increments are determined by the designated, reserve price of each lot in our internet auctions.

For US auctions, increments are as follows in USD:

0-$999: $5, $10, $20, $30, $50

$1,000-$1,999: $100

$2,000-$2,999: $200

$3,000-$4,999: $200, $300

$5,000-$9,999: $500

$10,000-$19,999: $1,000

$20,000-29,999: $2,000

$30,000-49,999: $2,000, $3,000

$50,000 & Above: $5,000

For HK auctions, increments are as follows in HKD:

0-$7,999: $400

$8,000-$15,999: $800

$16,000-$29,999: $2,000

$40,000-$79,999: $4,000

$80,000-$159,999: $8,000

$160,000-$399,999: $20,000

$400,000 & Above: $40,000
These abbreviations represent bottle conditions. A list of conditions can be found here.
Please fill out an Absentee Bid Form (THIS IS AUCTION SPECIFIC). Notate the phone number where it is best to reach you, all of the lot numbers for which you like to bid by phone, along with an emergency maximum bid should we be unable to reach you. Please then submit that form to auction@ackerwines.com or fax to 877-225-3724.
Live auction bids are executed at the auctioneer's discretion. Tie bids are given to the bidder who submitted their bid first.
There are many convenient ways to bid in an auction. You may bid in real time using Ackerlive for any live or web auction - just log in to the auction, place your maximum bids and your bids will be executed for you! For live auctions, where you prefer not to bid digitally, absentee bids may be placed in advance via email to auction@ackerwines.com, or by phone after filling out the Absentee Bid/Phone Bid form. THIS IS AUCTION SPECIFIC.

Acker’s buyer’s premium is 24.5%.

You can see all of your past bids for auctions in My Account > My Auctions > Bid History. Use the date filtering tools or the search bar to locate a specific lot, or any specific invoice you need. You can view the details pertaining to each lot on which you bid, whether you won or lost the lot - AND if we have the same wine anywhere in our store or in a current auction, you can quick access links to buy or bid on them again.
Contact us at auction@ackerwines.com and we'll get you on our catalog mailing list.
Advance reservations are required, and must be confirmed in advance with our Auction Department at auction@ackerwines.com.

No, please contact shipping@ackerstorage.com to make arrangements.

You may utilize our LiveChat (LINK TO LIVECHAT) function on the ackerwines website for all auction types, or email us at auction@ackerwines.com. For assitance during US Live Auctions please call +1-917-553-5710, or +852+2525+0538 for Live Hong Kong Auctions.

Auction Payments are due within 30 days from the close of the sale. Interest is accrued on any payments received after 30 days. You may pay up to USD$15,000 (or equivalent) per auction by credit card without a convenience fee. For amounts over USD$15,000 or HKD$150,000, a convenience fee of 3% of the total transaction will be added to your invoice. Any invoice amount may be paid by check or wire. Please refer to the specific Auction Conditions of Sale or email auction@ackerwines.com for more information.

Please send wire inquiries to auction@ackerwines.com and instructions will be furnished to you.

Please email auction@ackerwines.com and one of our representatives will assist you with this personally.
Contact our Auction Department and we'll get to the bottom of it.
Select Log-In in the upper right hand corner of the website. Once you have an account and you've entered all of your payment information, navigate to the Auction menu, and enter the auction of your choice.

Corporate Business

Absolutely. It is one of our signature services. Our Corporate Business page details many of the services we provide for corporate dining room supply, bespoke tasting seminars and executive retreats, holiday, year-round gifting and more.


No, as all deliveries of alcohol must be signed for by an adult.
Arrangements can be made to pick up at our retail store in Manhattan, or any of our warehouse locations. For retail order pickups, contact us here; for auction pickups, here.
Acker does not ship outside of the states of NY and CA. We are able to assist you in having your wines shipped to you, even internationally. Contact us with your specific questions by clicking here.
We have decades of experience and only use the most reputable shippers and common carriers to ensure your wine is handled with care. Should transit methods require additional insulation, styrofoam shippers are available at the following rates.

Of course! If the weather is inclement, just provide us with a future date you would like to ship and we will hold your wine for you gratis until that date. Storage box fees would not be applicable but inbound/outbound fees will still apply. You can also change the shipping details up to 1 week prior to departure.

We will always make every effort to accommodate your requests. In the web store you may select from the shipping options available at checkout, or click here to contact the store directly. For auction requests please click here.

Currently we offer free transfers multiple times each year. Contact shipping@ackerstorage.com for more specific information as it relates to you.

We will always make every effort to accommodate your requests. In the web store you may select from the shipping options available at checkout, or click here to contact the store directly. For auction requests please click here.
Contact our Auction Department and we'll get to the bottom of it.
Absolutely. View our shipping policy here.

Wine Club

Yes! You may add a gift-membership directly into your shopping cart. Go to the Wine Club page, choose your tier and select "Give It As a Gift"! Fill in all of the recipient details, including a gift note, and they will receive an email notifying them of your gift. The hardest part is waiting for the thanks to pour in!


Provenance tasters are one of the many methods used to establish the basic overall storage condition of a collection. Please contact a member of our Consignment Department for more information.


Wines offered in our online auctions will be automatically relisted in the following week's sale. Wines offered in a live auction that do not sell will be reoffered in a subsequent live or online sale, pursuant to the terms of your Consignment Agreement. You can of course instruct us to return your unsold property at any time, as long as it is not currently listed for sale.

We are happy to appraise any collection of wine that has been well stored and cared for. Visit the Sell Wine with Acker page and easily upload a list of the wines you'd like appraised, answer a few questions about storage and provenance, and we'll furnish you with a confidential, obligation-free estimation. You may also call our Auction Consignment Department in the United States at +1 877 225 3747, in Asia at +852 2525 0538, or email questions directly to appraisals@ackerwines.com.

For information regarding pricing estimations of any kind, please contact our Consignment Department at appraisals@ackerwines.com
As this all depends on the type of auction, please contact our Consignment Department for more information.
The reserve is the price stipulated as the lowest acceptable by the seller for an item sold at auction.
The estimates published next to each lot are a guide to show the estimated market range for the entirety of the lot.


The Wine Workshop is Acker's experiential arm. It hosts fabulous, educational and luxury tastings, dinners and excursions. Learn more about the Wine Workshop here, or create a bespoke event of your own!
The Acker Concierge does offer this service exclusively to members of the Acker Wine Club JK Tier. Email wineclub@ackerwines.com or contact The Acker Wine Club by clicking here.


To manage your email subscriptions, go to My Account, Account Settings and then scroll down to Email Preferences. You can pick and choose whichever communications you'd like to receive.
On top of checks and wires, we also accept; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Unionpay Alipay, WechatPay, and Paypal.

Pre-arrival or future-arrival just means that you may purchase a wine before it has been released or received in the US. Since very in-demand wines sell out quickly, this offers you the chance to purchase and secure coveted inventory before it is physically available.

Please click Log-In, then click forgot password in the pop up. You can also update your password from My Account.
Please click Log-In in the upper right hand corner of the website. Navigate to the sale in which you'd like to bid, and bid away!
Log in using your credentials, then click My Account > Payment Methods. You may enter and modify credit card information there.
Log in to your account and visit My Account > Address Book. You can enter and update current billing, shipping, or any other address you use with any frequency for yourself or for your personal contacts. Store it all here for easy access, allowing you to manage shipping to multiple locations
Due to the nature of the fine and rare wine market, some items are sold almost as soon as they make it on to our website. While our online web store keeps track of all available inventory in the US, Hong Kong and other locations overseas, our Fine & Rare Stock List may contain wines that are not immediately searchable online. Download the most up to date Fine & Rare stock list here, or email finewine@ackerwines.com to speak to our Fine & Rare Sales Team.
You sure can! Acker gift cards can be emailed digitally or physically mailed to any recipeint you choose. Once gifted, Gift Card balances can be stored and updated in My Account > Wallet . You can use your gift card for any retail purchases at checkout.

Retail Store

Our shop in Manhattan is open Monday through Saturday from 10am - 9pm ET, and on Sunday from 12pm to 7pm ET. We are open every day except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Our web shop is open 24 hours a day, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world!
Our store is located in New York City's Upper West Side at 160 West 72nd Street between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues. We are just a stone's throw from the 72nd Street subway station, accessible by 1-2-3 Metro lines.

You acquire title to your purchases from our New York retail store in New York. Therefore, unless specifically addressed below, New York sales tax will be applied to your purchase. You take all responsibility for your purchases being transported from New York to your selected destination. You may pick up your purchase at AMC’s New York City location or make independent delivery arrangements. For orders going to states in which AMC is licensed to ship wines, currently New York and California, your purchase will be subject to sales and other applicable taxes applied based on the requirements of the destination state (New York or California). For purchases going to U.S. states other than New York or California, New York State sales tax will be applied in all cases, as AMC is not permitted to deliver into states in which it does not have a direct-to-consumer permit and therefore must deliver the product to you or your agent within New York. Any arrangements for further delivery to your selected destination are your sole responsibility. Please note that no sales tax will be charged if your purchase is relinquished to a freight forwarder or international carrier hired by you or on your behalf for direct export outside of the United States.

Yes! We offer lovely gift wrapping to create the perfect presentation for bottles, and even cases. We will also supply a written note with your exact inscription to leave a lasting impression on your recipient. You can select gift wrapping options in your shopping cart at checkout, or ask at the counter when you check out in person. For large gift orders or corporate gifting, please email corporateservices@ackerwines.com

Due to current Covid-19 precautions, we are not presently hosting in-store tastings. When in-person events are safe again, our tastings will be searchable in our Calendar by selecting “In-Store Tastings.”

Virtual events are hosted via web-streaming platforms for our clients and friends to enjoy, which are available to view here.

Acker's access to fine and rare selections is unparalleled, and many of the rare selections on our website are indeed available in our store's fine and rare wine room. As our stock is vast (and global) and our retail store space is limited, many of our rarest wines are kept safely in our warehouses, and can be transferred to the store, or to virtually any location of your choosing. (Expedited delivery is available for an additional fee.) For a full listing of up-to-date fine and rare retail inventory, view and download our updated stock lists or email specific inquiries to finewine@ackerwines.com.

Yes! A 10% case discount will automatically apply to your order on any discountable items in your cart when you purchase 12 or more bottles. Exclusions apply to fine and rare inventory, liquor, and sparkling wines. The case discount does not apply to auction purchases.
Absolutely. View our shipping policy here.
The wines that we offer are from the most reputable wholesalers, distributors, and private cellars throughout the world. Many of these sources have been working with Acker for decades!
You can cancel your order by contacting us at webstore@ackerwines.com or by calling our store at 212-787-1700.
Please send any inquiries including your product and contact information to store@ackerwines.com.
We offer free delivery on orders over $99 in Manhattan and orders over $150 in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
Yes! All wines that you've purchased online will automatically be listed in your My Account > My Portfolio > My Wines. You can search by keyword or use any of the date filters to refine and locate the wine you're looking for. Whenever you purchase a wine in person at our retail store, ask the associate checking you out if they could link up your purchases to your account.

Unopened spirits may be returned for a full refund. Defective wines, spirits, and sakés may be exchanged for items of equal or greater value. Wines or spirits returned with no defect are handled on a case by case basis. Call our store 212-787-1700 or email us at store@ackerwines.com for more information.

Retail Store and Auction

We will always make every effort to accommodate your requests. In the web store you may select from the shipping options available at checkout, or click here to contact the store directly. For auction requests please click here.
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